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    Home Recovery

    After a Texas Flood

    Just like everything else in The Lone Star State, Texas floods are not to be underestimated. Heavy rain can turn small rivers into catastrophic floods in a matter of minutes. When this happens, it can cause widespread damage to homes and other structures. If your house has recently been flooded by a Texas-sized flood, here are the steps you should take to restore it.

Safety First

You may be eager to find out what’s been damaged after a flood, but it’s important not to enter your home until you know it’s safe. This is especially important if you didn’t turn off your main power switch before evacuating due to flooding. Your local authorities should check your home and give you the go-ahead when it’s safe to enter.

Prepare for Cleaning

Always wear proper attire and take certain precautions when cleaning your home after it has flooded. Wear heavy-duty gloves, a hard hat, waterproof attire and tall boots to protect yourself from harm and injury from hazards like contaminated water, broken glass, or mold. Make sure the building is structurally sound and isn’t in danger of buckling before you begin cleaning it out.

Begin Restoration

At first glance, it may seem like your home is irreparably damaged. However, as long as its foundation is still sound, it can be restored. You may have to throw out many of your belongings and start from scratch, but you can get your home back with a little work. A Houston interior designer and building contractor can help restore a flooded home better than it was before.

After the Restoration

Moving back into your restored house

Once your home is restored and like new again, it’s time to get ready to move back in. But before you do, make sure your regular water supply has been officially declared safe by your local authorities. You should also make sure all your flood-contaminated belongings are either discarded or thoroughly cleaned and dried before you bring them back into your newly restored home.